Borough Market Magic

This morning the Italian and I went to Borough Market in London, the most amazing food market I’ve ever been to. Located in Southwick near the South Bank and London Bridge, it is renowned for its fresh, high quality produce and meats, fancy array of cheeses, and traders selling local British and international foods. I try not to go too often because it is fairly pricey and I can’t seem to help but spend what seems like half my paycheck on each visit, but when I do go it is always a treat!

The Italian and I made the trip today in order to buy lobster and shrimp for a seafood dinner we are cooking (another post on this here), but once we were there we had a bit of breakfast and walked around and enjoyed looking at some of the delectable items. Here are a few of the highlights.


Croissants from an adorable French bakery on the outskirts of the market. The almond croissant was the best I’ve had outside of Paris!






Breakfast at the French cafe – my favourite type of breakfast!


Mediterranean olives


Olives with pesto


Fancy mushrooms


Monkfish. The Italian said they are known for being really ugly and in Italy they are usually sold without the head because of this.


Not sure exactly what these are called – some sort of overgrown shrimp or mini lobster. But they look great!

That’s it for now. There’s plenty more amazing sights to be seen and eaten at Borough Market (some other favourites include the oyster stand, the fresh pastry and bread shops and a really great gelateria) but will save those for next time!


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