Olive, Cheese and Ham Bread


I am obsessed with this olive bread and have been ever since I first tried it some five years ago at a pot luck dinner in the Butler’s Wharf student dormitory of the London School of Economics. A French friend of mine (who confusingly speaks with an American accent) is the architect of this amazing bread, and it has been a regular request during various dinners in the past five years. She is also responsible for the truly fabulous Bread Ring Roll that was consumed, along with copious amounts of other food, at our last Thanksgiving dinner.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the olive bread and posting the recipe. It can be made with or without the lardons, depending on if you want a vegetarian bread. For this latest loaf, we did half veggie half pork. Enjoy!


200g flour (about 1.6 cups)
1 sachet of yeast
3 eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
100ml oil (olive oil – just under half a cup)
100 ml warm milk (just under half a cup)
100g grated cheese (about half a cup)
200g of cooked lardons or ham (jambon) (about half a cup)
150g green olives (pitted) (about a jar full)


Flour+Yeist+Eggs+Salt and Pepper+Oil


Pour both into a bread tin, mix until evenly distributed.

Cook at 200C (390 F) for 45 minutes.





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