Greek Dinner

The Italian and I had dinner with some good friends the other night, a Polish and Greek couple, and enjoyed some homemade Greek cuisine! The food was delicious and much of it was brought to London straight from Greece (including the beef, which was seasoned and spiced to perfection by our friend’s Greek mother before being smuggled into the UK frozen on the airplane!)

To start the meal, we had a bread salad, called DakosĀ in Greek, that was actually very similar to an Italian version I’ve enjoyed in the past called Panzanella. The main difference was the presence of Greek feta cheese and capers, which gave it even more of a Mediterranean feel. The salad we had was made with Greek rusks although it could also be replicated with stale, old bread. Add some sliced tomatoes, olive oil, red wine vinegar, capers, basil, and salt and pepper to taste (maybe even some kalamata olives), let all the ingredients soak together, and voila, a nice bread salad is ready to be enjoyed!


Dakos (Greek Bread Salad)

Next we had baked eggplant with spicy tomatoes. This was absolutely delicious, and seemed simple enough to make. Bake the sliced eggplants in the oven. In a pan, cook the tomatoes in olive oil and add salt and hot pepper flakes. Top the eggplants with the cooked tomatoes, and sprinkle shredded parmesanĀ (or feta) cheese on top. Delish!

image (4)

Spicy baked eggplant and tomato

Finally we enjoyed the meat course – homemade and spiced burgers (with Greek beef – delicious!) and chicken roasted with potatoes. Not too much to say about the cooking process here….the quality of the meat pretty much spoke for itself! And crispy potatoes make an always welcome side dish!

image (1)

Biftekia (Burgers)

image (5)

Kotopoulo me Patates sto Fourno (Oven Baked Chicken with Potatoes)

That was our adventure in Greek food – will try to replicate some of these recipes on my own sometime. Failing that, will have to try to swing more invites to this Greek/Polish kitchen – it did not fail to impress!